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Transform your wedding venue or tent with our versatile uplighting services! Our battery-operated light fixtures provide endless possibilities, allowing you to choose any color, anywhere in the room. With wirelessly controlled uplights, we strategically place them for maximum impact. Let's illuminate your special day with vibrant colors and captivating ambiance! For top-notch Lehigh Valley uplighting, contact us now.


LED Projection

Select from a diverse range of designs that perfectly match your personality. Have your initials, names, dates, and more projected onto the dance floor, ceiling, or wall, adding that extra personal touch to your event. Elevate your Lehigh Valley celebration with personalized projections that make it uniquely yours.

cloud effect

Cloud Effect

Experience the enchanting "Dancing on the Cloud" effect with our low-level dry ice, creating a magical atmosphere that won't rise above your heads. Capture the perfect moment for your photographer with this picturesque effect. For unforgettable Lehigh Valley dance floor experiences, consider our "Dancing on the Cloud" service.


Audio Guestbook

Make your wedding memories last forever through our Audio Guestbook service at Sonic Entertainment. Imagine reliving the heartfelt moments and warm wishes from your loved ones in a unique audio experience. 

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