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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Reception Venue for Your DJ

As a professional DJ company serving the Lehigh Valley area, including Allentown and Bethlehem, we at Sonic Entertainment understand the importance of choosing the right venue for your wedding reception. Here are some tips for selecting the perfect location for your big day:

  1. Consider the size of the venue: It's important to choose a venue that can accommodate your guest list and allow for enough space for dancing and other activities. Be sure to discuss the capacity with the venue and plan accordingly.

  2. Think about the location: The location of the venue can impact the overall feel of your reception. Consider the distance from the ceremony location and whether or not transportation will be needed for guests.

  3. Check the logistics: Make sure the venue has all the necessary amenities, such as restrooms, a kitchen for catering, and enough outlets for your DJ's equipment.

  4. Consider the atmosphere: The atmosphere of the venue can set the tone for your reception. Is the venue formal or laid-back? Does it match the overall theme and style of your wedding?

  5. Discuss the details with your DJ: Before making a final decision, be sure to discuss the venue with your DJ. They will be able to provide insight on the best setup for their equipment and ensure that the space is suitable for the music and activities planned for your reception.

At Sonic Entertainment, we have experience working with a variety of venues in the Lehigh Valley area. Contact us to discuss your vision for your wedding reception and how we can help bring it to life.


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